The illustration, concept & design portfolio of Joe Holdsworth

Short Film Assets

Upcoming Short Film

Spooky Sarah Spider Legs

Dylan McKenzie (author)



Themed Lodge Designs

Chessington World Of Adventures

Graphic Design Work

Logos & Design

Bar Bodega Watford

Watford Cocktail Bar

Peppa Pig Land

Gardaland, Italy

2D illustration


Suckerpunch St Albans

St Albans Cocktail Bar

Upcoming Film Concept Art

Characters, vehicles and environments

The Lion Who Couldn't Read

Children’s Picture Book

Naughts + Crosses St Albans

St Albans Cocktail Bar

LEGO VR Rollercoaster

LEGOLAND Malaysia & Florida

Spring Heel'd Jack Gin

Gin Brand

Pub Company Design Work

The Aspirational Pub Company